Natural Ways To Treat Chronic Pain – TENS Guide

Before you can make a determination of what will best help relieve your joint pain, it is essential to understand what causes it. While aging is the common reason for joint pain, it is not the only reason. Joint pain is the result of stiff or worn cartilage connecting two or more bones together, and this can happen at any age, especially in this era of active adults. Stiffness coupled with inflammation triggers joint pain. The deterioration of cartilage in joints may explain the loss of flexibility and increased stiffness that many people experience in their weight-bearing joints, such as knees and hips. Chronic joint symptoms are the leading cause of disability in people 18 and over.

So if you don’t bounce out of bed like you used to, or if the staircase is not the only thing creaking when you climb the stairs, you may be quick to dismiss it as part of the aging process. But if those creaking joints are accompanied by sharp and/or radiating pain in your knees, ankles, back, shoulders or any place where two or more bones connect, the condition may require more attention. These conditions are not only painful to live with but cause a significant decrease in one’s quality of life and daily activities. You may find it difficult to take part in your favorite activities such as gardening, golf, or simply enjoying a walk in the park. You do have options and there are alternatives for you to consider.

When do joint problems usually begin?

Joint problems generally begin to manifest in the second and third decades. General medical opinion indicates that by age 40 most people will have some damage to the weight bearing joints of the ankles, knees, hips and spine. Most individuals, however, are unaware of the joint damage because they are still symptom-free at this point. If preventative measures are not taken to maintain healthy joints, severe joint damage may occur resulting in pain that can hamper quality of life. Currently this damage is most evident in the population by age 70. Fortunately, science is now focusing in areas other than “traditional Western medicine” and real therapeutic potential is being discovered in many herbs, chemical compounds and other substances sold as “dietary supplements”. If you are tempted to try a joint supplement you are not alone. Whether you are interested in all things “natural”, want to avoid side effects from prescription drugs, or want to explore other areas in your quest for pain relief, you are set to join many others who have used a dietary supplement in the past six months.

Treating Arthritis Pain Naturally

There are now many alternative treatment for reducing the arthritis pain such as acupuncture and specific exercises. Some equipment like inversion table or TENS machines are used to reduce the pain. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation uses electrical waves to reduce the pain. They are said to be quiet effective and are less expensive. You can buy the top TENS unit in UK in less than £30. We will be discussing about both inversion table and TENS machine later in this article.

Seek out situations which engender feelings of pleasure. Laughter, joy and positive thoughts are important, so make a Point of actually counting your blessings, reading amusing books and enjoying social occasions. Examine past and present stresses and decide how to deal with them, so that the body will no longer be harmed each time. It is equally important to guard against self-pity, fear or a ‘helpless victim’ attitude, as these sentiments will damage your joints. Harmful emotions lead to a release of inflammatory chemicals in the joints.

Stress can cause unimaginable havoc in the human body. The acid-alkali imbalance and the deposition of waste in joints may well be rooted in stress. Many arthritics suffer from suppressed resentments or anxiety, and are easily upset by situations not conforming to their own mode of behavior. Perhaps these people have had more to be angry about than the average person, or perhaps they are over sensitive. Often they are overly-giving types who always take care of others before themselves. This is a major stress on the body in the long-term, and has to be balanced with time for nurturing self on a daily basis. If you recognize any of this, then your arthritis will not disappear until you get to grips with healing your emotions. Every event which your mind perceives as a stress causes a release of inflammatory chemicals in the joints. It is very important to release harmful emotions and not bottle them up inside.

Sometimes the easiest way to reduce discomfort is not really the things we do, but the things we never do. Too often, individuals who suffer from joint disease avoid speaking about it as they do not ever want to be a problem to other people. While this is easy to understand to a some degree, it looks holding back your emotions is also going to be dangerous to your whole body.

It’s been recognized that individuals who are much more like to keep in their inner thoughts and their rage are also more likely to have difficulties along with their hearts and with long-term pain. Therefore, it’s not a stretch to think that those people struggling from joint disease might also fit into these analyses. Probably the greatest approaches to discharge some of the stress and some of the anxiety you really feel about discomfort is to write regarding it on a regular basis. Begin by obtaining a journal that is more comfortable for you to write in, and after that make a every day training of writing about exactly how you feel, what you are doing regarding it, and writing about other things that arrives to mind.

TENS Machine – Are they Effective

The use of a TENS Unit at home may be part of the overall treatment program developed by a physical therapist like myself, a physician or chiropractor. The aim of TENS is to provide pain relief by blocking pain signals to the brain by the spinal cord. The most important aspect of TENS electrode placement is to position them so that the current passes through the painful area, or along the nerves leading from the pain. Low-frequency or burst type of treatment is produced when the Pulse Rate setting on the TEN Sunit is set manually below 10 pulses per second (or as with some units, at automatic burst mode. These professionals understand the musculoskeletal system and know how to most effectively place the electrode pads onto your skin for optimal pain relief.

TENS Unit UK 2018The electrical impulses prevent the pain messages from getting through. You may prefer to begin with just one treatment a day, or even three or four treatments, or use TENS continuously for a while, depending on the severity of your pain. Low-frequency treatments produce visible muscle twitching often described as a tapping or pulsating sensation. Use only as directed. TENS can also stimulate the production of endorphins; these are the natural pain relieving hormones produced by the body.

In reaction to this type of stimulation the body releases endorphins (pain-killing chemicals produced naturally in the body). A TENS machine and EMS machine are electronic medical devices. Always read the label and instruction manual. A TENS machine may assist you in modest short-term pain relief.

Buying a good TENS Unit 2018

The most important accessories the TENS units come with are the electrode pads and the lead wires. Some machines have pre-set modes for first-time users or those who want something basic and simple. The robust small units have adjustable settings that are user friendly. Other features to bear in mind include the size of the display screen, how easy it is to change the batteries (an important detail if it runs out of power mid-labour), whether you can also operate it off the mains, and whether it comes with a storage case: a handy extra if you’re going to be packing it in your labour bag. Here’s how these accessories influence your massage experience.

  • Also, check on the number of pads and electrodes attached to the machine.
  • You can also program your personal preferences or use the preset functions.
  • This Tens unit is one of the MOST popular massager device, which is a lithium battery powered muscle stimulation system that helps to relieve minor aches and pains.
  • The electrode pads are active components of the TENS unit.
  • More pads and electrodes mean you can use the machine simultaneously on various body parts.

Some units are portable so that you can put in your pocket or purse and take with you to the office or when traveling. It features eight preprogrammed massage modes in a flower design. Using an adhesive surface, these pads stick to your skin and conduct the electricity to the nerve bundles underneath it. Also, the combined units will help increase muscle tone while it decreases the amount of pain you experience. The bio electric current from the units promote natural pain relief and stimulate the production of endorphins, the brain’s natural painkiller.

It has 20 levels of adjustable intensity, you can use the “+” button to increase intensity or “-” button to decrease the intensity of mode. The digital buttons on the TechCare Massager Plus require less attention and caution to use than the analog dials on several other units we tested. We do want to point out that these devices should only be used while under a doctor’s supervision so that you understand where to place the pads, but also what strength you should set the signal to. You should now have no problem picking out the best tens unit and ems unit for yourself now. The large, bright screen (which looks sort of like an early iPod screen) is easier to read and less crowded than the display on any other device we considered.

Research and studies are about 90% behind the effectiveness of TENS and EMS Massager units. The timer is easily adjustable, and the 20-hour battery is rechargeable, which is not common. But, when you ask individuals who are using it daily, they would give these electrical impulse devices a 2000% approval.

Inversion table benefits

n our present age, we are mostly busy in offices sitting in front of computers and accomplishing tasks. Inversion tables are designed to use gravity to relieve some of the pressure on the spine, which becomes compressed over time. A bundle of nerves called the spinal cord run through the spinal column; these nerves control communication from the brain to the rest of the body. Hanging completely upside down from the ankles strapped into anti-gravity boots is very aggressive. This sedentary lifestyle has reduced the physical activity from our life.

The theory of inversion table use is that hanging upside down or at an angle where your head is lower than your feet will decompress the spine, which should relieve the pressure and pain. Nerve roots exit between the vertebrae along the length of the spine in the passageway created by the discs. Some people like to be aggressive. This is a reason that most of us are suffering from the lower back pain. Others find that 100% inversion is not really necessary for achieving the benefits of an inverted position. Besides, many people find 100% inversion too intense and too painful on the ankles and knees.

How do you choose a product?

Joint supplements are becoming a viable option for those suffering from joint pain. There are vast differences between joint support products. Despite their popularity – not all joint supplements are created equally. Why? Many times it is hard to differentiate one product from the next – that is unless you have done your homework. It is a scientific fact that not all joint supplements can achieve the same level of results or produce the same level of positive outcome that you are looking for. The quality, efficacy, and potency of products within the industry vary from poor to outstanding. How can one make the most informed decision? The choices on the market are overwhelming. We looked at the most current scientific research and established a list of criteria that makes a joint product outstanding. We looked at essential ingredients for decreasing joint pain, promoting joint, cartilage and tissue regeneration. We took into consideration the ability to prevent recurring damage, to promote joint mobility and flexibility.