The Top 2 Handheld Portable Nebulizers in India

With handheld portable nebulizers you can now enjoy the freedom of being anywhere without having to worry about breathing problems. There are quite a few brands out there that you can go for, but from the consumer reports and research it comes out that there are only two which are the best ones. The handheld portable nebulizers actually offer great performance in spite of their tiny package. These nebulizers are have two sections, the compressor and nebulizer, which are built into a small handheld device. They can weigh anywhere from around four ounces to 4 pounds. Obviously, lighter the nebulizer the more expensive it is. Here I would like to bring to light two most popular and excellent brands that have found favor with customers and these nebulizers are popular in India.

The Omron NE-U22v nebulizer: This handheld portable nebulizer is actually considered the best nebulizer on the market today. It uses two standard ‘AA’ batteries, It’s really so compact that it can be put in a pocket or purse with ease. Even kids can use it and carry it in a backpack. Even though it is small, it packs a punch as it creates dense fumes to penetrate the lungs. One great thing that consumers say about it is that this handheld portable nebulizer never wastes even a drop of medication. It can be used in any position, lying down, upright or even standing on one’s head. It also uses Vibrating Mesh Technology, so there is no noisy compressor. It is totally silent!. Absolutely no ‘vibration’. Perfect for school, work, camping, airplanes, or any environment where you want to take a discreet treatment without having to plug in.

MABISMist II Handheld Ultrasonic Nebulizer: This is another brand name that is quite well-known. This handheld portable nebulizer is also versatile as it can be taken anywhere and everywhere with ease. It is a Small Volume Nebulizer (SVN) that transforms liquid medications into an aerosol mist. It delivers fast and silent treatments within 6 minutes as it uses an advanced ultrasonic technology. However, it is a little heavier than the Omron nebulizer and a little cumbersome because of its bigger size.

There are many choices for the patient for handheld portable nebulizers which are powered by rechargeable batteries. If it makes it easier for the subject to take his breathing treatment with him which allows him to keep up with the regime, then a handheld portable nebulizer is preferable to a full-sized machine. Nebulizers by Mabis and Omron range from compact bedside nebulizers to fully portable nebulizers. Nebulizers by Omron and Mabis have stood the test of time and have always been an efficient and effective method of delivery in both preventive and acute aerosol delivery.

A nebulizer turns liquid medicine to mist so that it is easily transmitted to the lungs. A nebulizer delivers medication directly to the lungs and is given to asthma patients or other patients with respiratory problems. Today, nebulizer are often used at home as per the doctor’s instructions. For babies with certain respiratory conditions, infant nebulizers are used for giving medicines.

In this article, we will show you how to use an infant nebulizer at home.

  • The things you will require are an infant nebulizer, doctor’s prescription and a chair.
  • First of all, you have to assemble the infant nebulizer properly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully while assembling the parts. Once the nebulizer is assembled, bring the nebulizer and the medication near enough to the chair so that you can reach it when seated.
  • Now sit in your most comfortable position and cradle the infant in your arms. Ensure they are comfortable in your arms because they are more likely to be tolerant of the procedure with infant nebulizer, if they are comfortable.
  • The next step is to pour the medication into the infant nebulizer cup. Then dilute with normal saline if the doctor has prescribed the same.
  • Now position the mask carefully and secure it over the baby’s face. If he expresses irritation due to the strap, you can hold the mask close to his face to have the desired effect.
  • The final thing to do is to turn on the infant nebulizer to begin administering the medication. The treatment takes five to ten minutes and when the mist stops, you should understand that the treatment is complete. Turn off the nebulizer when the medication is fully given.
  • If your child is expressing too much irritation to the nebulizer, do not force it on him. Instead, use it when he is sleeping for an easier medication. However, remember not to feed the baby just before the nebulizer treatment because the medication may make him cough and if he has a full tummy, he may vomit.